Town Hall Meeting: Sexual Assault

Town Hall Meeting held on: February 19, 2018

What can our community do to help end sexual assault and sexual harassment?

  • Support CAC, CWIT and other prevention programs

  • Encourage education from 0 to 100 including youth, parents, and grandparents

  • Ask the Chamber to host a Lunch and Learn on Sexual Harassment in the workplace

  • Teach kids about good and bad touch, provide materials in the home, check who are vulnerable loved ones (young, old, disabled) are spending time with

  • Volunteer as mentors and family supports (Check out the United Way website for opportunities

  • Train police to respond to domestic calls

  • Advocate for and support those who report assault and harassment

  • Give $ to help with capacity issues

  • Encourage participation in Call to Action and other programs recognizing they are not One and Done but require the will for long term investment

How to we create a Common Vocabulary and establish a New Normal?

  • Talk to our kids from day 1 using real words to name genitals and encouraging healthy sexuality that doesn't involve exploitative or objectifying behavior

  • Talk about the signs to look for and grooming events

  • Recognize this is not a Women's Issue - it is a Human Issue

  • Emphasize Responsibility, not Shame

  • Be mature and matter of fact when discussing these issues

  • Don't objectify other human beings