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Momentum Center for Social Engagement

The Momentum Center for Social Engagement is a social and recreational program for people with mental illness, addiction and other disabilities. It encourages interaction with the general community and strives to eliminate stigma. Extended Grace is currently seeking to hire two full-time positions to join the Momentum Center Management Team in launching and sustaining this new community initiative. These non-exempt positions report to the Experi-Mentor who serves as the Director of the Momentum Center for Social Engagement. The complete job descriptions follow. Apply by sending your resume and cover letter to 

Extended Grace
Just Goods Manager

DESCRIPTION: Extended Grace is a non-profit grassroots social lab that builds community while solving problems. The Momentum Center for Social Engagement is a social and recreational program for people with mental illness, addiction and developmental disabilities. Just Goods is located within the Momentum Center and offers public retail and coffee shop space in order to encourage integration in the community and eliminate stigma.  

PURPOSE OF POSITION: The primary function of the Just Goods Manager is to assist the Experi-Mentor by managing the day to day operations of Just Goods, providing for excellent customer service and appropriate coverage of hours by staff or volunteers, and helping to integrate Just Goods with other Extended Grace initiatives and activities.            
REPORTS TO: This person reports directly to the Experi-Mentor. Hiring is approved by the Board of Directors.    

HOURS: This is a full time 40 hour a week non-exempt position. Some weekend and evening hours are required.  


This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual with team management experience to grow and further develop a new initiative in the community. The successful candidate will lead programs, partner with the Experi-Mentor and work collaboratively with a high-performance management team.

Specific requirements include:

  • High School diploma minimum, college degree preferred
  • At least 4 years of experience in a retail or food service venue, 2 years retail management experience
  • Experience and comfort working with people with mental illness, addiction and all disabilities
  • Proficient in using technology as a data collecting and management reporting tool
  • Strong project management skills managing complex, multifaceted projects resulting in measurable successes and program growth
  • Experience having worked with a high-performance, collaborative, constructive peer group
  • Strength in recruiting, managing, developing, coaching, and retaining volunteers and staff
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with exceptional attention to details
  • Able to pass DOT physical
  • Certification from health department in food safety within 60 days of hire
  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a commitment to and passion for Extended Grace’s mission


Fair Trade and Social Cause:

  • Order, stock, price and display Fair Trade inventory, as well as inventory items from Humanity for Prisoners and CBI. Sell items, track and restock as necessary.
  • Establish a committee to evaluate and decide whether to carry any items that are brought to Just Goods from outside sources and individuals in the community.
  • Create sales reports, requesting payments to CBI and Humanity for Prisoners at least once a month.
  • Evaluate, select, and coordinate offsite sales at farmer’s markets, craft shows and other locations and events

Coffee Shop

  • Coordinate with the Health Department and equipment vendors to serve food and beverages according to State and local specifications
  • Coordinate with food wholesalers to purchase and provide quality food and beverages at a low cost to consumers and the public
  • Create sales reports and determine optimal product mix for purchase


  • Set optimum operational hours in coordination with the Experi-Mentor, create and implement a staffing/volunteer plan to cover all open hours
  • Train and supervise staff and volunteers, including Momentum Center participants, to provide excellent customer service
  • Operate and train others in the use of a POS system and generate reports as appropriate
  • Perform other support tasks as needed and assigned
  • Maintain facility in a way that maximizes customer satisfaction and ensures that it is cleaned on a regular basis
  • Develop and implement strategies that will maximize the synergies among other program areas
  • May be required to transport consumers and volunteers in company van or other vehicle
  • Attend trainings and classes as assigned


  • Work with management team to create and implement a marketing plan to promote Just Goods
  • Work with management team to plan and promote special events for Just Goods, the Momentum Center and Extended Grace as a whole