Advocacy for Children: What We Can Do

What we can do:

  • Increase our comfort to report things to CPS when we think something is wrong, trust our inttuition- that's why they investigate - if nothing is wrong no harm/no foul
  • Offer programs for building self esteem
  • Let children tell their stories
  • Share our stories of our childhood - help young people understand that they are not alone - normalize the experience for those who think they are the only one
  • Educate parents
  • Offer a group for parents of teens who think something might be wrong
  • Keep asking youth what they need - then LISTEN to their answers
  • Support Public Schools
  • Mentor - programs in our area include READ, BBBS, Central High School, Kid's Hope, Ottawa County Mentoring Collaborative
  • Investigate Search Institute's list of Assets
  • Grow the Momentum Community Resource Area to include this information