Mudita Gifts

Mudita is a Sanskrit word that means “I rejoice in your good fortune.” It is a reminder that what any one person receives is a gift for all and that we need to live in an atmosphere of abundance and generosity rather than scarcity, competition, and fear.

We are currently revamping the Mudita program so that we can relaunch it in 2019! We encourage you to check back in the new year.

How could you advance social justice and human rights if money wasn’t a barrier?


With the help of generous donors Mudita gifts are awarded as available. From human rights issues in your local town to social justice issues on a global spectrum our $100 to $1000 Mudita gift can be the seed money needed for your initiative. Your application will be reviewed by the Mudita Committee who makes recommendations to our Board of Directors. The application is being revised and will be available in 2019.

 Be a Mudita Sponsor!

What types of projects have been funded?

  • Humanizing Female Refugees Photo Exhibit

  • eQuip: Technology for All People

  • A Meal and More at Muskegon High School

  • Empowering Craftswomen in Honduras

  • Winter Survival Kits for Homeless

  • Status of Children in Vanua Leva-Walk Around Fiji

  • DoRAK- Grand Haven High School

  • Girl Up

  • Student Mentor Project at Vicksburg High School

  • The Chalkboard Project

  • Water Pump for Ruisinga Island, Kenya

  • Support Resources for Transgender Youth

  • Walden Green Art Partnership in Zambia

Mudita Sponsorships include these recognition benefits:

  • Recipient meet and greet

  • Media Release

  • Introduction and presentation at Inspire! events

  • Recognition on the Extended Grace website, social media and newsletter

  • Acknowledgement at our annual Prom with a Purpose